Sports Booze Celebrations as Dangerous as Steroids


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TV Images of Champagne Celebrations in Sports as Harmful as the Steroid Scandal


Chicago, IL—May 19, 2009—Television cameras seem to love to show the images of professional athletes bathing themselves in champagne as they win a championship or clinch a play-off berth. This broadcasting ritual is not only silly; it is a dangerous model for young people.

“Kids learn by modeling. When they see their heroes using a drug (alcohol) to celebrate their elation, it does more to propagate the problems we have with kids and drugs than the steroid scandals. These broadcast images are seen by millions of young people. They can see the athletes basking in the glow of the booze enhanced frenzy. They don’t see their athlete heroes injecting themselves with performance enhancing drugs. This is hidden behind closed doors and done in secret. They don’t read Mitchell reports, but they can see these ridiculous images with alcohol. We need to stop kidding ourselves; we can’t condone one drug (Alcohol) and think this is not going to lead to making it acceptable to use other drugs. (Steroids, etc.)”

Said Dr. John Mayer, President of the International Sports Professionals Association (Chicago, IL.) Dr. Mayer went on to say:

“Broadcasting has made a point of not showing fights in the stands or idiots running on to the field as a responsible way to stop this nonsense. This is not only a commendable effort, but it helped reduce the frequency of these incidents. It is time to ban these same types of idiotic celebration images so we make a difference in this modeling behavior as well. I appeal to TV directors to turn the cameras away from such negative images. Does anyone enjoy these boozy bashes? Show joyful celebrations, the athletes’ exuberance, but let them frolic about in a booze shower in private.”

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