Not a bad year for ISPA Pres.

Hi All;

Well, Sunday was the 32nd running of the Chicago Marathon. I am pleased to say I finished with a PR. On September 13th I ran the Chicago 1/2 Marathon and also set a PR. In June I ran the Seattle Marathon and in January both Justin (Justin Mayer-Executive Director of ISPA.) and I ran the Arizona Marathon. It was the first time we ran together the entire distance as he always beat me in any event we ran in. (Talk about a good example of Family Fit!) All in all it was a good year for running for me. I’m looking forward to next year.

BTW, the crowds lining the streets in Chicago were amazing. There were more people out watching this year’s race than I have ever seen. That was kind of bitter sweet as it reminded me of what could have been for the 2016 Olympics.

John Mayer, President-ISPA

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