Rush Limbaugh Excluded From Purchasing Saint Lous Rams

There has been much discussion about Rush Limbaugh being excluded from a group attempting to purchase the Saint Louis Rams football team. It is well known that controversy is no stranger to Mr. Limbaugh and perhaps this is one of the reasons why the group of potential buyers has decided to move forward without Mr. Limbaugh. The important thing to remember is that it is a privilege to own a football team and not a right. Unfortunately, Mr. Limbaugh is already starting to sling mud and point fingers and it is becoming apparent that he is now going to use this as a vehicle to push forward his political agenda. The NFL is already marred with much controversy; it is unfortunate that Mr. Limbaugh (supposedly a huge football fan) is fanning the already burning flames. Let’s keep the focus on sports and not ego and political agendas.

Justin Mayer

Executive Director ISPA

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  1. Mike says:

    I wish Rush would just dry up and blow away!

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