Money Talks

$4,400,000, 4,2,00,000, 4,000,000… No, these are not salaries of CEO’s. These are the salaries of the top paid college football coaches. Today, in Miami, the presidents of top level NCAA schools met to discuss reform in intercollegiate athletics. The presidents of these schools expressed that they feel powerless when it comes to controlling the athletic departments of their schools. The powerlessness is a result of the outside influence of sponsors and television networks. These outside influences provide the millions of dollars that sustain many of these programs. The figures above, indicting the top paid college football coaches, are telling as to the extent of money that is involved in college sports. Over 75 college football coaches make a million dollars or more. Many coaches, along with the large sums of money they receive, also get other perks such as access to private planes and lavish houses. There is no doubt that these coaches work hard and dedicate their life to their craft. Certainly, a great coach enhances a teams chance to win and a winning team has more potential to generate revenue for a school. The question becomes how much is a school willing to pay to win? Does the cost of winning come with the price of giving control over to corporations and not the administration of the school? At the end of the day the intended purpose of a college is to educate. College athletics are meant to enhance the college environment not dictate the environment. Stay tuned for more thoughts on this complicated matter.

Justin Mayer, Executive Director-ISPA

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