Larry Johnson is being a “Tweet”

In this day and age it is ridiculous that players still think it is okay to use homosexual slurs. Apparently, Kansas City Chiefs running back, Larry Johnson thinks using these type of derogatory terms is okay, as he has done it numerous times on his Twitter page and in public. Mr. Johnson further shows his immaturity by making several negative comments about his coach, Todd Haley, on Twitter. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with you coach, but to do so on a public forum undermines the team. Intolerance and stupidity should not be tolerated in the NFL. Players who engage in activities unbecoming of an NFL player should face discipline.

When something like the above situation happens I always wonder where this type of behavior started. Several days ago, I blogged about Shiloh Keo the Idaho Vandals college football player who was involved in a misdemeanor battery. The team allowed him to play the very next game even though he was involved in this highly unbecoming behavior. This is yet another example of a player getting away with violent behavior and nothing being done to curb this behavior. My guess is players like Shiloh Keo and Larry Johnson were excused from many unbecoming activities throughout their lives. Why? Because come Saturday (or Sunday) they enhance their team’s chances to win and to some people victory is the most important thing. Never mind that the individuals whom are providing this victory grow to think they are invincible and conduct themselves as thugs. We all like winners, but at some point we must say enough and stop condoning (and in some cases glamorizing) these types of behaviors. Where do we start? We can start by guarding the ethical principles of sports. Organizations such as The International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) are working to safeguard these principles. When you have a chance check out ISPA to see what they stand for and give them your support. Together we can keep the ethical standards of sports high.

Justin Mayer, Executive Director-ISPA

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