Marathon Fever Good for Body? NYT article

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I was excited to share an article ┬ájust read in my favorite daily, the New York Times. (Tuesday 10-27-09-Health Section) As is often the case with the NYT, the article was illuminating. How many of us runners have wondered, researched and debated whether the pounding is good for the body. This article sheds some interesting insight into this long standing debate. I won’t try and do t justice by paraphrasing what is in the article, so go to their web site and check this article out.

What I found interesting was how evolutionary biologists are claiming that man is in fact a natural long distance runner and that it is only recently that running has been associated with pain and injury. The article also brings up the concept of early man being what they call a ‘persistence hunter’ that our ancestors chased down prey until the animal was exhausted and they were easier to harvest for food. I never heard of this concept before. If you are a runner, this article is a must read.

Here’s the link to the NYT Article:

Dr. John Mayer, President-ISPA

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  1. Justin says:

    This is a great read! Often times as a distance runner I have wondered what effect I am having on my body.

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