My Supplement Contains What?

I am tired of reading news stories where athletes are appealing their drug suspensions because they claim that they did not know they were taking a banned substance. Typically the substance they get caught taking has properties that mask steroid use. It is just a mere coincidence that the very supplement that they are taking masks a performance enhancing drug. Right, and did I mention Bill Gates is my uncle! It seems that employees at MacDonald’s, making minimum wage, have to know more about the rules then athletes getting paid millions of dollars. Last I checked ignorance is not a defense. You would think by now professional athletes would carefully scrutinize everything they ingest. Many of these athletes have the means to hire a nutritionist who can insure that they are consuming the proper substances. I think athletes who get caught for taking these masking supplements and then claiming they had no idea it was a banned substance should get punished twice; first for taking a banned substance and second for stupidity.

Justin Mayer, Executive Director-ISPA

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4 Responses to “My Supplement Contains What?”

  1. Andrew says:

    I couldn’t agree more! All of these athletes that are getting in trouble lately (i.e. Manny and the Williams’) have their own nutritionists. The thing is, they all ride the line of legal and illegal on the basis of trying to keep that “competitive” edge. The question then becomes, what has the “competitive” edge really become? Is it taking unnatural supplements to make yourself the biggest, baddest guy on the field? Is it sacrificing one’s own well-being and health to boost your madden rating by +2? I find it all ridiculous. I also feel that the “nutritionists” these athletes are seeing should be blacklisted after their client gets caught. Thoughts?

  2. Justin says:

    Athletes working with dubious nutritionists should definitely raise some eyebrows. If the nutritionists directly advised the athlete to ingest banned substances there definitely should be discipline taken against the nutritionist.

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  4. dieta says:

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