Let Larry Johnson Join the Unemployed

It seems that Kansas City Chiefs fans don’t want troubled player Larry Johnson to play this week. Several thousand fans (the number is growing every minute) have petitioned the team to not allow Johnson to play. The rationale behind this request is they do not want a player who has openly made homosexual slurs and repeatedly disrespected the team on Twitter to play and break the Kansas City Chiefs rushing record (Johnson is only 75 yards away from achieving this record). Last week I blogged about this situation and the fans have spoken with vigor!
Today it was announced that the unemployment rate has hit 10.2 %, maybe Larry Johnson should be listed with this unfortunate group of unemployed and not belong on the list of record breaking athletes. Perhaps time off the field will allow him to see the incredible opportunity he had and how foolish he was to jeopardize this opportunity. I am sure the millions collecting unemployment right now would love to have the gift that Larry Johnson has to play in the NFL. The owners of the Kansas City Chiefs (a team with a 1-6 record) should make sure they consider how much fans will continue to shell out for tickets, particularly in this depressed economy, to watch a player who inspires negativity. One of the reasons people go see sporting events is for a release, not to witness intolerance and selfishness. Give the fans what they want, particularly when we are already bombarded  with bad news in the real world.

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