ISPA and ATI Physical Therapy

We had a great meeting at ATI Physical Therapy at their Carol Stream, IL complex! Talk about beautiful – this complex had absolutely EVERYTHING. Weight training, cardiovascular training, gymnastics training, aquatic training, you name it! ISPA management was meeting with Dr. Chris Stout, and his team, once again to discuss some upcoming projects that will hopefully be made public in the next month or two. We are also working on putting our minds together to put together some online video training. Exciting stuff to say the least! More to come ~

– Andrew Teunis, Director of Business Development ISPA

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2 Responses to “ISPA and ATI Physical Therapy”

  1. Jimmy H says:

    I’m glad there are companies like this for the very reason of this article; sports isn’t just about the high priced athletes who play them, but it is also about the regular guy like me who likes to stay in shape and in general enjoys physical activity. Not only do you guys provide unique opportunities for networking with people in the world of sports, but also help your clients locate top-notch facilities like this and pass on this, as well as other useful, types of information. I can see why anyone who is legitimately concerned about ALL aspects of the world of sports would seriously consider accreditation from you guys. Keep up the good work!

  2. I thought that was extremeley informative. Thanks for the great information. I’ll keep checking back on this.

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