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The International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) is an organization that credentials professionals serving sports. ISPA has been established to develop a more organized and credible system of care for athletes at all levels of competition in all sports and all over the globe. By organizing a worldwide association of dedicated, credentialed, and responsible professionals, we are helping athletes, coaches, and parents find effective assistance in helping athletes excel both in and out of the competitive arena.

  • ISPA is the largest international credentialing service for professionals serving the field of sports. ISPA credentials a wide variety of professional occupations from, psychologists, physicians, coaches, counselors, accountants, agents, physical therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, trainers, and many more.
  • ISPA serves both the world of sports and the professional world by fulfilling a need to ensure that those who work in sports have the credentials (experience-training-continuing education) and the adherence to a code of ethics (values) to be the best person qualified to work with athletes, other coaches and professionals, schools, institutions and sports organizations, companies and associations.
  • An ISPA credential designates that this professional adheres to a strict code of ethics and has met the highest standards in their field to provide professional services to athletes and to sports. Our professionals serve athletes from youth through professional.
  • ISPA chooses its credentialed professionals based on their accomplishments and training not on a test score. Credentialed professionals are required to obtain CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) to maintain their certification.

ISPA is certifying professionals worldwide and creating a vast network of highly qualified professionals. We encourage the sharing of research, training, experience, and education on a worldwide basis. ISPA is a very selective organization, less then 10 percent of all applicants are accepted. Credentialed professionals of ISPA have the distinct advantage of being part of highly selective network. All credentialed professionals of ISPA are listed on the International Register.  The International Register is a searchable database of ISPA credentialed professionals. Credentialed professionals who have exceptional qualifications may be invited to become a Diplomate. Click the following link to read more about Diplomate’s and the other levels of ISPA certification:  Accreditation Types

Click the following link to see all the benefits of being an ISPA Credentialed Professional: Benefits

International Sports Professionals Association

The only Internationally recognized Sports Accreditation Authority