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Institutional Accreditation

The International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) offers accreditation of qualified sports-related professional programs for Academic Institutions. ISPA Institutional Accreditation directly addresses the need to benchmark and maintain the highest possible standards & practices at larger entities operating multiple facilities or broad curriculums. This case-by-case Accreditation serves to ensure program-wide credibility, and demonstrates to potential students that all ethical and practical practices are met or exceeded consistently. Institutional Accreditation yields many critical advantages and opportunities, such as:

>> Adding credibility to new or existing academic programs

>> Creating a competitive advantage for an Institution by becoming more desirable to potential students and receiving more favorable reviews

>> Extensive review, aid and guidance in development of new and existing programs and curriculum from the ISPA to meet accreditation standards

>> ISPA Student accreditation for all qualified and eligible students enrolled in ISPA accredited programs — An excellent credential for a new professional’s resumé. ISPA Student Accreditation includes valuable professional benefits, including a frame-quality certificate for display, a Resumé Building Tip Guide, a letter of introduction/recommendation from ISPA president Dr. John E. Mayer (when requested), and the regularly published ISPA Newsletter

>> Full service publishing and promotion of materials such as sports-related academic works, articles, research and more through the ISPA and Affiliates

>> Strategic advertising and marketing assistance from the ISPA in promoting the Institution and its practices throughout the global academic community

How to Obtain ISPA Institutional Accreditation

Click Here for the Academic Accreditation Guidelines: ISPA Academic Accreditation Guidelines

For more detailed information on ISPA Institutional Accreditation, the accreditation process, specific qualifications, or other inquiries, please contact Justin Mayer, ISPA Executive Director, at:

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