About ISPA Organizational Membership

Founding Principle:

ETHICS, PASSION and SERVICE is the mantra of the ISPA Organizational Membership Program. This mantra is proudly displayed on the Membership Plaque because it represents the values that embody an ISPA Organizational Member. ISPA has been raising the standards of professional practice in the world of sports for over 20 years; now it is our mission to do the same for organizations. Through aligning organizations with  ISPA, we seek to foster a positive environment for the athletic community and as a result raise the standards. ETHICS, PASSION and SERVICE!
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Purpose of ISPA Organizational Membership:

To promote ethical sports related businesses and align them with the most prestigious sports credentialing body in the world.

Why ISPA Organizational Membership?

An ISPA Organizational membership is a cost effective way to gain global exposure for your organization. An organization with an ISPA Organizational Membership adds more prestige and credibility to their organization. By being aligned with ISPA, you are showing the public your commitment to excellence. In addition to this tremendous public exposure, you are also offering your employees increased benefits. Click Here to see all the benefits of an ISPA Organizational Membership.

ISPA Organizational Membership

Ethics . Passion . Service