Benefits & Pricing


>>ISPA Corporate Membership plaque for display at facilities. Click here to see sample plaque (10.5 x 13″): Plaque
>>Listing with logo and linkage on ISPA website under “Organizational Members” section.
>>25% Discount on professional certification and specialty certifications for employees through ISPA.
>>“Careers In Sports” training courses for all employees (by Dr. John E. Mayer)
>>Use of ISPA logo for any and all marketing purposes including advertisements, business cards, internal marketing and other strategic outreach efforts.
>This is an exceptional sales and marketing tool for marketing programs, products and services to potential clients, referral sources, third party funders and the general public
>>Opportunity to contribute news, special offers and other announcements on the ISPA blog featured on the ISPA website.
>>Worldwide promotion of your organization through ISPA outreach (social media, network)
>>Membership and alignment with the largest and most prestigious international sports accreditation organization focused on raising ethical standards for sports.

ISPA is a sports specific organization. We share your passion for sports!

Cost of ISPA Organizational Membership:

>>0-20 employees ($175 or $14.58/month)
>>21-50 employees ($275 or $22.91/month)
>>51-100 employees ($400 or $33.33/month)
>>101-200 employees ($550 or $45.83 /month)
>>201-500 employees ($725 or $60.42/month)
>>501-1000 employees ($925 or $77.08/month)
>> 1001+ employees ($1150 or $95.83/month)
All of the above prices are for a one year period.

*Non-Profits please inquire for special pricing.

We challenge you to find an organization that offers more value!




Process for becoming an ISPA Organizational Member:


1)    Determine the number of employees in your organization.
2)    Fill out the ISPA Organizational Membership Application. Click Here: Online Application
3)    Receive membership packet and proudly display plaque at your facility!

ISPA Organizational Membership

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