Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Will The International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) Benefit me?

The International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) is the largest international credentialing service for professionals serving sports. The ISPA credential speaks volumes about your accomplishments as ISPA only selects a small elite group to joins its ranks. Being an ISPA Certified Credentialed Professional sets you apart from the competition. Once you become a member of the ISPA you are part of a very powerful network of professionals whose resources are at your disposal.

2. I am already certified by another organization. Why do I need an ISPA certification?

In today’s competitive marketplace you cannot risk getting lost in the crowd of individuals seeking to serve sports. Having the ISPA credential on your resumé gives you the competitive edge in this crowd and commands attention and respect. Being an ISPA Credentialed Professional is a distinction that is is recognized throughout the sports industry worldwide.

3. What makes ISPA different from other organizations?

In addition to being the oldest and largest accreditation body for professionals serving sports, ISPA is committed to bringing the highest quality services to its Credentialed Professionals. The ISPA is dedicated to being recognized throughout the world as an organization that upholds the highest standards for accreditation. The ISPA is not a faceless organization that simply lists its members on a website and distributes a newsletter. The ISPA is always interacting with its members and aiding them in enhancing their professional standing.

4. I am still in school. Is there any benefit to being credentialed by ISPA?

YES! The ISPA offers a provisional certification for individuals who are still in school pursing their degree. A provisional member is someone, whom upon completion of his or her degree program, the ISPA feels has the potential to become a credentialed member. Provisional members enjoy many of the same benefits as credentialed members: Certificate of membership, newsletter, online CEU’s, networking, and much more. Being a provisional member of the ISPA enhances resumes and increases job opportunities, chances of graduate school admission, and internship opportunities. To learn more about the types of certifications the ISPA offers, click here.

5. What is the process to apply for accreditation?

You may apply for ISPA Accreditation online, or by downloading and sending in your completed application via fax it to ISPA headquarters at (312) 917-1010, or via mail to:

International Sports Professionals Association

International Headquarters

25 E. Washington St, Suite 1615

Chicago, IL 60602-2200.

If you have any other questions regarding the application process or any other area of confusion, please feel free to contact us at (312) 920-9522

6. How is my credentialing approval made?

Once a perspective member submits his or her application it is subject to board approval by members of the ISPA board. Basic requirements that the ISPA has for accreditation are that the applicant must possess an advanced degree, have experience and/or specialized training in sports, and have a passion for sports. Each applicant is assessed on an individual basis. To learn more about the selection process, click here.

7. Do I need to take an exam to become a member of ISPA?

No. The ISPA believes that, particularly in sports, an individuals experience and education speak more for their qualifications to be a member than a test.

8. How does ISPA increase the visibility of its members?

The ISPA is always distributing materials to the public to promote the strength of its membership. The ISPA works with its Certified Credentialed Professionals to expand their network and enhance their businesses. PR opportunities are also distributed to our Certified Credentialed Professionals on a weekly basis as the come to us. These opportunities include expert appearances for television, radio, magazine, and other communication mediums.

9. What do my membership fees go towards?

>> ISPA Journal of Sports & Ethics

>> Maintaining website

>> Marketing/Branding/Development

>> Administrative fees

>> Staff Compensation

>> Printing and mailing

10. I have other questions about ISPA. Whom may I contact to answer my questions?

If you have any other questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact us at ISPA Headquarters by calling (312) 920-9522, or send us an email. Emails can be sent to

International Sports Professionals Association

The only Internationally recognized Sports Accreditation Authority