ISPA Individual Professional Accreditation Selection Process

1. Application submission

2. Upon ISPA receiving the application, it will be passed on to the ISPA Selection Committee for review.  Applicant eligibility is based on the following criteria:

>> Academic background

>> Professional experience and accomplishments

>> Sports/Athletic background (It is not required to have played sports)

>> History of professional conduct and adherence to ISPA values

>> Recommendations (Not required. However, letters of recommendation are reviewed and recommended)

>> References

>> Passion

3. After reviewing the application thoroughly, the selection committee will make its decision on an applicant’s acceptance. Applicants will be notified in approximately 7-21 days of the committee’s decision. Applicants who are accepted will receive a congratulatory packet (via USPS) with information on how to receive their ISPA credential, including how to pay for their membership.

4. Applicants who are not accepted may be offered the opportunity to join as a Provisional Member. A Provisional Member receives a special certificate and many of same networking opportunities that Certified Professionals receive.  

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