The National Certification Examination For Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach (CWcHP)

About the Exam

The purpose of this certification (CWcHP – Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Provider) is to establish a standard of knowledge and care for Healthcare Professionals treating patients on workers’ compensation programs. This certification is designed to help Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Professionals stand out from others in their field by acknowledging their accomplishments and expertise in regard to rehabilitating injured workers. The CWcHP certification is available in both a USA version and a Canadian version. This certification is the FIRST and ONLY of its kind, and serves as an added layer of credibility for professionals seeking patients on workers’ compensation. Professionals whom pass the National Certification Examination for Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach can proudly place the initials CWcHP after their name, signifying that they are certified to provide services at the highest professional level.

The National Certification Examination for Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach (CWcHP) was created by the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) in May 2010 after nearly two years of research, testing and development. This unique certification fills a need in healthcare today that has previously not been addressed. The expertise and knowledge base of professionals whom care for the needs of patients on workers’ compensation is too critical to leave in the hands of professionals who have not demonstrated the highest credentials to provide such care. Legal and third party payer groups are increasingly demanding professional competency with this patient population. The need for this new credential arose out of this demand for professionals to display the highest credentials possible to work with these patients.

It has always been the mission of the International Sports Professionals Association – ISPA to insure that professionals whom deliver services to clients adhere to the highest standards of care, and have the highest level of credentialing. Since workers’ compensation clients typically return to work that involves vigorous ‘sports-like’ skills and activities, it is a natural extension of ISPA’s already established procedures of assessment to credential CWcHP professionals.

With the aide of one of the nation’s leading physical therapy organizations, the ISPA was able to compile the necessary research and address the most important issues and information regarding the rehabilitation of injured workers.

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Who is eligible to take the CWcHP

>Certified Athletic Trainers*

>Physical Therapists

>Occupational Therapists

*Please note, some states prohibit Athletic Trainers from treating workers compensation cases. Check with your state guidelines to make sure you are in compliance.


The National Certification Examination for Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach is a 100 question multiple-choice examination administered online. Candidates have 1.5 hours to complete the exam. All candidates are provided a copy of the CWcHP Subject Study Guide upon registration. This guide covers all relevant information as tested on the examination, including all research and resources. Investigating the suggested resources listed in the study guide is strongly encouraged. All candidates are also granted access to the CWcHP Video Lecture Series, to be used with the CWcHP Subject Study Guide to further supplement the preparation process. The normal preparation time for the certification examination is approximately 15-20 hours. Here is a brief sample of the topics covered in the CWcHP Exam:

-Rehabilitation of Common Work-Related Injuries (Identification, Methods, etc…)

-Recovery times for Specific Injuries

-Benefits, Duration, Structure, Documentation and Legal Ramifications of Workers’ Compensation Programs

-Transitional Work Programs

-Elements of Patient/Client Management

-Work Hardening/Conditioning Programs

-Job Simulation and Analysis

-Preventative Techniques

-Importance of Evidence-Based Practices

-Risk Evaluation

-Specific Rehabilitation Terminology


-Vocational Rehabilitation

-Financial Liability

-Types of Losses

-Scope and Implications of Recommendations

-Insurance Costs

-Privacy Rule

-Legal Rights of Employers vs. Employees

-Employer’s Scope of Involvement in Claims

-Employer Costs

-Importance of Reliable Testing

-Employee Education (Benefits, Suggestions, etc…)

-History of Workers’ Compensation

Sample Question:

As a Rehabilitation Therapist, when rehabilitating an injured worker, it is within the scope of your duties to make recommendations to the patient regarding human resource issues, worker’s compensation law, and other relevant laws.

A: True

B: False

(Answer is at bottom of page)

CWcHP Core Benefits

>> Recognizes your expertise in rehabilitating injured workers

>> Increases visibility among employers and insurance providers because of the certification’s coverage of employer-based knowledge and emphasis on returning injured workers to the workplace in a timely manner

>> Is the new standard for healthcare providers rehabilitating injured workers

>> Proven to increase Case Manager referrals

>> Is the new standard for healthcare providers rehabilitating the ‘Industrial Athlete’

>> Added layer of credibility as a professional rehabilitating injured workers

>> Certification as a CWcHP provider may have third party payment, legal and best practices advantages.

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What others are saying

“Having the CWcHP credential has aided me in my recent career advancement at my clinic….I really believe that by going out of my way to obtain specialization and higher certification played a significant role in my promotion.”

K. Meehan, PT, DPT

“I was impressed by the balance of questions and topics related to workers comp; for example: questions about job analysis, work comp laws, scheduled loss, WCP, PT evaluations/ rehab terms, FCE components, work comp documentation, prevention of work comp injuries and disability definitions.”

T. Smith, ATC, LAT

“The CWcHP gets more in depth on aspects of workers’ compensation than anything I have seen before.”

A. Brossett, MOTR, CRC

“I think this certification examination covers a wide variety of knowledge that is crucial in rehabilitating workers and touches upon issues encountered on a daily basis in the work comp environment.”

J. Chisholm , PT

Process for taking the exam

1. Purchase examination from the ISPA Store

2. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an e-mail with a code to access exam, the Subject Study Guide and Video Lecture Series.

3. Take the examination. You may begin the examination at any time after purchase. You will have 1.5 hours to complete the examination after beginning.

4. After you have completed the examination, the ISPA will review your results and notify you of your score via USPS mail within 14 days.

5. Upon Successful completion of the CWcHP exam you will receive a certificate recognizing your certification. Your certification will be good for five (5) years from the date listed on the certificate itself.

6. If you do not pass the examination, you are able to retake the exam three times per year. Please note:  you will have to pay the full examination price each time you retake.

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Answer to sample question=B