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Lance Armstrong Athlete of the Decade

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

As we approach the end of the year a lot of sports publications have begun to discuss who is the athlete of the decade. While such a determination is near impossible it is fun to throw out some names and have a debate. I will nominate, cyclist, Lance Armstrong as the athlete of the decade. Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France (Cycling’s most prestigious race) six times in this decade and a total of seven times throughout his career. Armstrong holds the record for most Tour de France wins (7). After being retired for over three years Armstrong returned and raced in the Tour de France finishing an astounding third. This was an amazing accomplishment given Armstrong’s age (37). The two cyclists that beat Armstrong were in their mid twenties! I am sure my choice will be controversial, but I am convinced that Armstrong is the athlete of the decade.

Justin Mayer, Executive Director-ISPA