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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

I’d like to chime in on this discussion of coaches, but first a statement: At ISPA our mission is to help build and enhance careers for those who work in sports or wish to work in sports. Our passion is for sports and professionals. That being said, let me comment on COACHES. I am going to take a different angle from the previous blog on coaches. I agree with the previous blog entry that coaches shouldn’t be held solely accountable for a team’s success or failure. After all, the optimal word here is TEAM. A coach is but one part of the larger TEAM. To blame a coach for the failure of a TEAM is by definition a falsehood.

Now, on the other hand. What’s up with these outrageous salaries that Division I college football coaches and Basketball coaches are commanding? Are they just inviting this anti-TEAM responsibility for success and failure? Are they warranted in today’s economy? Should they be paid more than the professors and administrators of these schools? Isn’t the mission of the school academics, thus are resources being allocated incorrectly ? Love to hear opinions.

Dr. John Mayer, President-ISPA