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High School Football Warning

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Believe it or not but high school football practice is in full swing around the US. A new study reported in The Journal of Athletic Training that high school football players experience greater acceleration forces to their heads when they collide with other players than college players do increasing the danger of injuries such as concussions. The lead investigator of the study, Steven Broglio of the University of Illinois recommends that coaches spend more time teaching the fundamentals in techniques to players, especially keeping your head up and avoiding using the top of the helmet to collide with another player as this can increase the possibility of cervical injury. Pass this alarm onto high school coaches you work with.

Also, speaking of football, congratulations to my friend, Coach Frank Lenti of Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago who was just named by Chicago Magazine in their ‘Best of Chicago’ article as the best football coach in Chicago. Yes, best football coach, not high school football coach, football coach, period. Congratulations Frank!

Dr. John Mayer, President

The International Sports Professionals Association