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Derrick Rose~Coaches~NBA Lack of Culpability–Why we need ISPA

Friday, May 29th, 2009

The announcement today that Derrick Rose’s grades were changed while at Simeon High School (Chicago) is precisely why we need coaches, administrators, and professionals in sports to be credentialed in what they are providing to sports and athletes. This revelation and its wide-ranging ramifications added to the baseball steriod scandal, the NFL discipline problems, and on and on in sports, screams out for sports to have more accountability to values and integrity. 

Let’s not just finger point, but what are solutions to this chaos that sports finds itself in? 


1- Credential coaches who teach young people. The International Association of Sports Professionals (ISPA) has a coaches division. Coaches must adhere to principles or lose their accreditation. Schools, institutions, teams then hire coaches who are credentialed. This is not foolproof, but at least there is a standard to apply. Right now the field of coaching youth is totally unregulated. 

2- David Stern and the NBA, the NCAA, and the Chicago Public High Schools should apply some meaningful and powerful consequences on this behavior. 

3- There should be an investigation done from the Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan, on the recruiting of high school athletes. Legislation should be passed to stop these abuses dead in their tracks. Arnie Duncan is a former college athlete himself and he should be concerned about this travesty in sports.

4- The coaches involved in these scandals need stronger consequences for this behavior.

5- The player needs stronger consequences when these violations are revealed.

Dr. John Mayer


the International Sports Professionals Association-ISPA

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