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Young Athletes& Social Skills

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

By now, you’ve heard the news of the altercation between the NHL star, Patrick Kane, and a cab driver in Buffalo, NY. Our comments here won’t be to take sides and jump into the latest media circus, rather to emphasize the need for young star athletes to be educated in the ways of the world. This is not exclusively the need of professional athletes. Athletes, star athletes, at all levels are so often ‘taken out of society’ by coaches, parents, school officials, handlers and so forth. When this is done, basic social skills are lost. So many of the professionals who are credentialed by ISPA work with athletes call for this need. And, so many of our credentialed professionals can provide this type of life-coaching. I myself, years ago wrote a book titled, You’re Not the Only One on This Planet about the lost art of civility among us.

Idea, new professional contracts could set aside 1/2% for social training. That would be more than enough fees for one of our professionals to offer mentoring on social skills.

Dr. John Mayer