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ISPA Organizational Membership

Monday, February 14th, 2011

ISPA Organizational Membership

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Set Your Business Apart.

Boost Consumer Confidence.

What is ISPA Organizational Membership? – ETHICS. PASSION. SERVICE. This is the mantra of the ISPA Organizational Membership Program. Proudly displayed on the ISPA Organizational Membership plaque, these are the values that embody an ISPA Organizational Member. As the world’s largest and leading international accreditation body for professionals and academic institutions serving athletes and academic communities, ISPA has been elevating the standards of professional practice in the sporting world for over 20 years. Now, it is ISPA’s our mission to do the same for the organizations that serve it. Through aligning organizations with ISPA, we seek to foster a positive environment for the athletic community and as a result raise the standards of service provide to athletes worldwide. An ISPA Organizational Membership is a cost effective way to gain both domestic and international exposure for your organization. An organization with an ISPA Organizational Membership adds prestige and an added layer of credibility to its operation. ISPA Organizational Members show their commitment to excellence to the public while also benefiting from a multitude of professional benefits for use by the organization itself and its employees.

What professional benefits does an ISPA Organizational Member receive? – In addition to recognition by ISPA as a best practices, elite organization serving the athletic community and alignment with the world’s largest and leading international sports accreditation authority, ISPA Organizational Members also receive the following professional resources, opportunities and benefits:

>> ISPA Organizational Membership plaque for display at facilities
>> A listing in the semiannually published International Journal of Sport and Ethics
>> Opportunity for employees to contribute articles and research to the International Journal of Sport and Ethics
>> Subscription to the International Journal of Sport and Ethics
>> Listing with organization’s logo and linkage on ISPA’s website
>> “Careers In Sports” 3-course CEU training program for all employees of the organization
>> Opportunity to contribute news, special offers and other announcements on the ISPA blog
>> 25% discount on professional and specialty certifications and products through ISPA for all employees
>> Use of ISPA logo and Organizational Membership badge for any and all marketing and strategic outreach purposes
>> worldwide promotion of your organization through ISPA outreach

What is the cost of ISPA Organizational Membership? – ISPA Organizational Membership fees are determined based on the number of full-time employees in the organization. ISPA Organizational Membership starts at $175 per year (or $14.58 per month) for 20 or fewer full-time employees. Fees can be invoiced on an annual or monthly basis. Discounts for 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations are also available (please inquire for rates). Please click here for the full pricing structure of ISPA Organizational Membership.

How do I become an ISPA Organizational Member? – Simply visit, scroll over the “ISPA for Organizations” tab, click “Applications” and fill out the short application either online or download it and send it to ISPA Corporate Headquarters in Chicago, IL. Click here to be linked directly to the applications page.


from now until 3/10/11, receive two (2) years of ISPA Organizational Membership for the price of one (1) year! Apply today at to take advantage of this offer!

We Challenge YOU to Find A Professional Association That Offers More Value!

For more information on the ISPA Organizational Membership Program,
Please visit the ISPA website at

If you have any further questions or would like to speak with an ISPA representative,
please call ISPA at (312) 920-9522 or email us at

CWcHP #3 News Story of 2010

Friday, January 7th, 2011

According to a recent article published by ADVANCE for Physical Therapy Practitioners®, the feature on the Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Provider credential entitled “Should you take the CWcHP Exam” (published on September 20 2010) ranked third on its list of the top 10 news stories of 2010. The article features interviews of ISPA Director of Business Development, Andrew Teunis, and provides a detailed objective overview of the certification’s development, components and the current issues it aims to address.

The original article can be read by clicking here.

If you interested in learning more about the CWcHP Certification, please visit the ISPA website at

CWcHP Featured in ‘Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners’

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

The National Certification Examination for Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach (CWcHP)™, originally developed by the International Sports Professionals Association – ISPA™ in June of 2010, was just featured in Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners® on September 20, 2010! This article, entitled “Should you take the CWcHP Exam?”, features a great overview of the certification’s content, purpose and history as well as the current issues it aims to address. The full article can be read by visiting the following link:

PSB Academy Obtains ISPA Academic Accreditation

Friday, September 10th, 2010

PSB Academy, an esteemed academic institution in Singapore, has recently obtained Academic Accreditation from the International Sports Professionals Association for three new sports-related programs being offered at the beginning of 2011! The ISPA is very proud to include PSB Academy as one of its accredited institutions, and is looking forward to assisting in the growth and development these new programs. These three degree programs include:

There will be four intakes, beginning in January 2011, and the programs aim to reward students with international recognition and exciting career prospects in sport, exercise and leisure management.

Said Dr Susie Khoo, acting senior vice-president of PSB Academy,”Students will develop a sound knowledge of sports administration, physical fitness and wellness, bio-mechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition and sports psychology so that they are well-equipped for their careers as this industry takes off.”

For over 40 years, PSB Academy has been successfully providing students with diverse opportunities to be keen learners. Besides focusing on academic excellence, PSB Academy teaches students essential skills to meet life’s challenges effectively and thus scale new heights in their chosen paths.

Click here to learn more about PSB Academy.

CWcHP off to Great Start!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

The Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Provider (CWcHP) is off to a phenomenal start! The attention we have received has been overwhelming and it only keeps growing. Andrew Teunis (ISPA Director of Business Development) estimates that by the end of 2010 over one thousand individuals will be CWcHP certified. Make sure you gain a competitive edge and get CWcHP certified today. Check out the CWcHP in the news:

ISPA Professional Spotlight Matt Kruger

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Mr. Kruger is the Senior Vice President of Workers Compensation Services for ATI Physical Therapy, a rapidly growing outpatient rehabilitation provider.   Since his joining ATI in 2000, ATI has grown from 1 location and 6 employees to 90 locations/1200+ employees in 5 states.  Mr. Kruger is the co-developer of ATI’s Trademarked Work Conditioning/Hardening Program – the FIRST Program, which utilizes strength and conditioning expertise, sports psychology, and physical rehabilitation principles. After producing superior clinical results with Workers Compensation clients, Mr. Kruger founded ATI’s dedicated Research and Development Department – which now employs 4 full time professional researchers. The results of the FIRST Program has been published & presented in organizations like NASS, World Spine, Spine Across the Sea, ACOEM, ASES, FASEB, ACSM, and the NSCA.  Mr. Kruger has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences regarding workers compensation services & outcomes, both internationally and in 10 different states.  He has performed approximately 1100 Key Functional Capacity Assessments (FCAs) for case closure and was a FIRST Program Director for over 5 years.  Currently, Mr. Kruger provides clinical training and quality control oversight for all 40 FIRST Programs within ATI Physical Therapy, as well as starting up ATI’s first two (2) Fitness Centers.  He holds a Master’s Degree (M.S.) in Human Performance from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), USA Weightlifting Club Coach, and a CHEK Level I rehabilitation specialist.

Fantastic New Benefit for ISPA Professionals!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

ISPA has formed an alliance with AuthorHouse to bring Publishing Punch into the Association. Here are the details outlined:

ISPA/NP2 publishing is a subsidy of NogginPower2, Inc. ISPA/NP2 Publishing publishes books, booklets, programs, training materials and other materials that relate to all facets and all levels of sports, health, fitness, nutrition, coaching, training, sports manuals, diet, recreation, and select sports biography, human interest, sports theory, sports ethics, sports literary.

ISPA/NP2 Publishing was established to provide an avenue for sports professionals to publish their works and to have access to the works of other sports professionals. ISPA/NP2 welcomes submissions from all professionals and being a credentialed professional by The International Sports Professionals Association does not guarantee a work will be accepted for publication. Being an ISPA credentialed sports professional and/or provisionally credentialed professional does get priority consideration in the review process.

Please read carefully the submission guidelines listed under the section ‘Submission’ on the ISPA web site:

Benefits and Features in Alliance with AuthorHouse™

A unique partnership in the vanguard of publishing’s future.

Traditional book publishing is undergoing a transformation with electronic publishing and the current global economic conditions. It is more difficult than ever for authors to get their works published. Yet, publishing remains a highly desirable way to advance a professional career for the academic professional as well as for the clinical professional. ISPA is strident in helping professionals build their careers; therefore, this alliance with AuthorHouse Publishing makes publishing accessible, streamlined, and efficient. Authors share with ISPA in the initial risk of publishing accepted works and can choose from a variety of sales and marketing programs to promote their works. Authors retain copyright to their work. Author royalties will vary based on the price and marketability of each book/manual/monograph but are higher than traditional (old school) publishing houses that often range from 3-10%. The following options outline the possibilities of publishing through ISPA and AuthorHouse.

Service:                                                               Shared Cost to Author:

Initial Project Review and Acceptance Decision by ISPA…….………….No Fee.

Complete Book Production Assistance……………………………………$349-$1400

(Depends on graphics and marketing packages built in)

One-On-One Support through Production…………………………………No Fee

Custom Full Color Cover Design and Production………………………….No Fee

Custom Interior Design and Production……………………………………No Fee

ISBN Assignment………………………………………………………….No Fee

Electronic Proof Copy Presented to Author for Approval…………………No Fee

Online Distribution through both ISPA and AuthorHouse…………………No Fee

Professional Marketing Consultation……………………………………….No Fee

Bookstore Availability………………………………………………………No Fee

Complimentary Author Copies……………………………………………..No Fee

E-Book Version……………………………………………………………..No Fee

Inclusion of Images in Book………………………………………………..varies

Personalized Back Cover……………………………………………………varies

Google and Amazon Search Programs through AuthorHouse………………varies

Booksellers Return Program (Desired for bookstore sales)…………………varies

Individualized Sales and Marketing Programs through Authorhouse………varies

Authors who already have published works:

ISPA can act as a sales agent by listing your work on our web site. Our web site receives international traffic and can be highly desirable for your career and your sales. In addition, through our alliance with AuthorHouse Publishing, ISPA and AuthorHouse can serve as a distributor and production resource for those professionals who have self-published or retain copyright to their work. Production is on an ‘on-demand’ basis. Costs for such services are determined based on each individual project presented to ISPA. Authors interested in such services must have their work approved through the ISPA editorial

Zambrano Prognosis up to Cubs

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

As president of the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) I feel compelled to weigh in on the Carlos Zambrano incident. Carlos Zambrano’s behavior has made international headlines. His recent outburst of rage in the dugout during a professional baseball game is one of many incidents of acting out that is known by the media. Reportedly he is receiving treatment for his anger issues. Now treatment professionals are chiming in about his treatment. The details of this treatment are confidential, thus professionals cannot accurately comment on the outcome of his treatment. Like many, I have read some comments by ‘experts.’ I would just caution all that we treatment professionals can do wonders with athletes in helping them mature and cope, BUT, unless there is some change in how the system surrounding Carlos Zambrano responds to his behavior, the prognosis for lasting change in Mr. Zambrano is limited. In my very limited view of how the Chicago Cubs has dealt with Carlos and other players through the years I have questions whether they will make these systematic changes. Can the Chicago Cubs reward team play? Discipline acting-out behavior? Control poor sportsmanship? These and others are questions that require analysis of the system along with the analysis Carlos Zambrano is going through. The triggers to his behavior need to be removed if he is to return to normal functioning. This is a known fact in rehabilitation of these individuals, athletes or not. I have been acclaimed for over 25 years for helping young people with anger management problems, violence and acting-out.I urge all involved in sports to use this situation as a learning tool to help other athletes, teams and organizations. I have so much more I can say about this feel free to contact me.

Dr. John E. Mayer, President-ISPA


Conference Highlight

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

One of the highlights of the Sports and Society conference was to hear two of our ISPA superstars speak, Dr. Chris Stout and Kurt David. With these two speakers along with Justin Mayer, Executive Director of ISPA, Andrew Teunis, Director of Development of ISPA and myself, Dr. John Mayer, President of ISPA, the International Sports Professionals Association had a very strong showing of professionals speaking at this inaugural conference.

More and more ISPA is taking Paul Tagliabue’s call for sports leadership and standing out in the forefront of sports. We have several exciting programs we are going to roll out in the coming months.

Dr. John E. Mayer, President-the International Sports Professionals Association-ISPA