Dr. Chris Stout

Dr. Stout is a Fellow in three Divisions of the American Psychological Association, past-President of the Illinois Psychological Association, and is a Distinguished Practitioner in the National Academies of Practice. He was appointed as a Special (Citizen) Ambassador and Delegation Leader to South Africa and Eastern Europe by the Eisenhower Foundation. He is the Series Editor of Contemporary Psychology (Praeger) with and “Getting Started” (Wiley & Sons). He most recently produced the critically acclaimed three volume set The New Humanitarians. Dr. Stout has published or presented over 300 papers and is finishing his 35th book. He has written extensively on psychology, medicine, technology, and humanitarian issues. His works have been translated into 8 languages. He has lectured across the nation and internationally in 19 countries, and visited 6 continents and over 75 countries. He was noted as being “one of the most frequently cited psychologists in the scientific literature” in a study by Hartwick College. He is the 2004 winner of the American Psychological Association’s International Humanitarian Award, 2006 recipient of the Illinois Psychological Association’s Humanitarian Award, 2008 recipient of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility Award, and the was the 2009 International Psychologist of the Year, awarded by APA’s Division 52, International Psychology.