Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews, M.A., founder and director of The Institute of Sports Psychology®, has been in private practice as a sports psychology consultant and psychotherapist for 18 years. His areas of expertise, primary areas of focus and passion are working with athletes to help them realize their peak potential as an athlete, helping injured athletes overcome the emotional, mental, and spiritual effects of their sports related injury and teaching coaches how to coach at their best when things are at their worst. Robert played on a Texas State Championship football team and as an athlete suffered his own serious sports related injuries in high school and college. As a psychotherapist, he received extensive training in performance enhancement, and trauma resolution. He began to realize the extensive impact of sports injuries on performance and how these injuries hold athletes back not only in sports, but also in life. The Institute of Sports Psychology is the culmination of his dream to dramatically impact the way performance and recovery is addressed and treated in athletes.