The ISPA is…

An Accreditation & Certification Body

The International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) is the largest international accreditation body for professionals serving athletes and athletic communities worldwide. The ISPA is a proud member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), and accredits individual professionals across a wide array of professions, as well as Organizations and Academic Institutions. An ISPA credential designates that an individual/organization/ institution adheres to a strict code of ethics and has met the highest standards in their field to provide professional services to athletes and sports alike. The ISPA is also a specialty certification authority best known for the creation of the first and only certification for healthcare providers whom treat and rehabilitate patients on workers’ compensation (CWcHP).

A Publisher

The International Sports Professionals Association is a full service publisher of sports-related academic works, trade books, articles, research, training manuals and more! ISPA Credentialed Professionals have the opportunity to submit these materials to the ISPA for editing, design, printing and publishing. All ISPA published materials will also be listed on the ISPA Online Store for sale! Further marketing and distribution plans can also be negotiated with the ISPA and its affiliates to meet your exposure needs.

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A Resource for Building Careers & Creating Opportunities

The ISPA provides an abundance of professional tools to promote one’s career. Along with publishing opportunities, the ISPA provides education and continuing education credits, PR and media opportunities, letters of introduction/recommendation for potential employers and clients, speaking opportunities and other career development opportunites to its Credentialed Professionals. The ISPA is always searching for more ways to serve and promote its Credentialed Professionals and their unique needs!

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A Community of Professionals & Experts

The International Sports Professionals Association credentials professionals around the world to create a vast network of highly qualified professionals. The ISPA encourages communication and interaction among its Credentialed Professionals, as well as the sharing of research, training, experience, and education on a worldwide basis.

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An Advocate

The ISPA is an advocate for ethical practice, professionalism, and excellence in both the world of sports and the professionals that serve it. Through upholding these standards for individuals, organizations and institutions it accredits, the ISPA continually seeks to ensure that these qualities become standard practice for those serving the world of sports. The ISPA and its Credentialed Professionals are also very active in their communities through various forms of service, sponsorship and outreach.

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International Sports Professionals Association

The only Internationally recognized Sports Accreditation Authority